Cuarto Ropero

Rental costumes for film, television and advertising.

Cuarto Ropero is a company rent and preparation of costumes for film, television, theater, advertising, events, etc.
We are and do that and much more…
Cuarto Ropero is people sharing passion, creativity, dreams, time and interests.
We belong to the department of industry which creates characters, what makes ideas, who knows that clothes do not make the man but helps a lot and sometimes a image speaks for itself.
We have been, are and will be “The Costume Department” of many movies, series, short films, advertising and plays for many years, many !!!! (There are people in our workforce that keeps well ...)
The passion for this profession we share and a solid friendship forged in many shootings took us to unite and create Cuarto Ropero.
At first it was a focused basically to our needs only to store our own jobs. And it was the time when we decided afincarnos in existing facilities and open our doors to the world.
We have a large stock of clothing and accessories from different eras. Authentic clothes that bring realism to the character. Supplementing from head to toe. We make any proposal, from the simplest to the most absolute pledge fantasy that a project can demand.
We know the demands and the speed with which sometimes the development of a changing faces.
We work with the same intensity in large and small projects, both capacity and budget.
All this already know our clients, colleagues and friends see for yourself.
Call us, come and see us, tell us you want to create.
We will be happy to carry it out.

Our Philosophy

We want you out of Cuarto Ropero with satisfaction of the outcome of your characters and complete to detail.

Creating your own designs or with our help. Taking advantage of all that we can bring you.

Each idea that we have designed the dress from head to toe. Search among all our accessories and the character will be completed.

Our installations

We have a large surface with your whole wardrobe you need and a renewed workshop.

Hats? Uniforms? Night dresses? Clothing child?... What do you need? We offer a place where to find it and our advice.
If it is a creation you have in mind and you tell us we do in our workshop. You may need to acclimate the clothes, for that we are. For over 20 years doing it.