Some manual labor.

That character has clothes that impossible, that fiction does not exist, that magic. That's what the wizards in our workshop.[...]

All for shooting

Are you already started with your project and need help?

If you need reinforcements tailoring assistance shootings, costume fittings, equipment hire, etc ... We offer you our long experience in filming.[...]

Costume Production

Costume believable.

Thousand ways to treat tissues makes us able to deliver a garment with the final finish you want. Much of our clothing is not just treated new clothes, it's real clothes is not simulated.

Costume Designer

Need a costume designer for your project?

We work with many of the top costume designers in Spain, contact us.


All the clothes you need.

You can locate an you need, if you do not find what we seek. Maybe among the wide range costing you know where it is. [...]


All things to all


Elves in the Workshop, elves with magic.

Our workshop may make magicians, acclimate and create that which seems impossible.


All materials you need for shooting

What do you need? Ask us.


We are your world of ideas, we help you develop yours and I'll bring ours.

Sure the result is better than imagined.